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Strong ideas
Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. At formikon, the initial spark of a customer’s idea paves the way to a unique product. We support and assist that process with a wealth of expertise and commitment: ultimately, an idea is only as good as its implementation.

Design is identity
Good design is more than the perfect fusion of form and function; it reflects a timeless commitment to quality and the essence of a product. Effective design is part of a company; it is a brand ambassador, expressing the precise expectations of a target group. When the design is right, it becomes the ideal flagship for a company, strengthening both the brand and the market. As the slogan says, make it simple but significant.

Perfect preparation
“The time at which and the way you develop an idea determine what that idea becomes.” The right concept for realising an idea is a key factor in ensuring success. Equally important is the groundwork. That’s why formikon seeks to clarify financial conditions and obtain concrete quotations at the concept phase: preliminary costing of this kind establishes a financial point of reference. At the same time, a range of concepts is devised to realise the customer’s requirements as closely as possible. Once a concept has been decided upon, the specifications of the product are defined. This ensures designs take account of every last wish of the customer.

Thinking it through

In the best case scenario of digital product development, prototypes are not even needed. Is this really possible? Yes, but only with a wealth of experience, expertise and the effective application of suitable calculation programs. Depending on the project, of course, the production of a prototype can be very helpful. For example, prototypes provide the basis for product enhancements and serve to make improvements more visible; they also allow us to respond faster to changes and test functionality more effectively. In these cases, we will be pleased to handle the smooth production of your initial model.

The first glance
The next task is to compile 3D/2D data. A parametric CAD program is used to generate key information and determine whether a product can withstand the ensuing stresses; materials and geometry must be in perfect harmony. In this way we put in place the ideal conditions for the subsequent manufacture of your product or prototype.

All from a single source
Product development works best when all partners are properly coordinated. That’s why formikon only agrees to work with selected companies and suppliers. From the technical delivery of parts, the company retains a full overview. You can be sure of that.

We test the best
Prototypes are put through their paces in our lab, with any necessary improvements implemented immediately. Only when all the main features and functions have been reviewed do we give the green light to the final phase: the design of a unique new product.

    Das Produkt

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